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A Few Audiobook Reviews

Memoirs of My Little Girl. A Collection of Short Stories Part One by author, Meera Abdullah

 "Powerful".This collection of short stories is going to be intriguing to listen to. This first part was startling and powerful.

Packing so much into such a short piece is mastery.

Kelly, Audiobook Reviewer,

Memoirs of My Little Girl, Part Two by author, Meera Abdullah. "Thought provoking and emotional"

This second story was very moving. The young girl and her mother had escaped for a time but things did not go to plan. The girl retreats into her own mind as she endures living with her father. She waits for better times and for her mother to return.
I am hoping that things get better for her in the next installment. I am enjoying Melanie Fraser's narration of these stories. She is consistently good and knows how to inflect just the right amount of emotion into her voice to portray how the girl is feeling.

Inishowen Cailín, Audiobook Reviewer

The Foundling Duke by author, Audrey Harrison "I do so love a Harrison book narrated by Fraser! "

I do not speak lightly when I say a book written by Audrey Harrison and narrated by Melanie Fraser is one of the best pairings in the audioverse. This listen continues their fantastic liaison! Most of this story was heartbreaking. Through it all though, I could not stop listening. I'm so glad there is another book in this series.  Fraser has no real equal when it comes to Regency romances. She is so in her element in this genre. Her performance makes the pages come alive. 

Dee, Audiobook Reviewer

Winter's Exile (book 3) by author, James Philip  "So far, best in series for me"

Melanie Fraser's performance was exquisite. She's one of my favorite female voice actors who has the ability to portray the women very femininely while adding a bit of huskiness to the men's voices. Always just right and I love her accent. 

Teresa, Audiobook Reviewer

My Lord The Spy by author, Audrey Harrison "I Spy a great story"

This is one of those stories that one wishes didn't have to end! Brilliant narration by Melanie Fraser.

So much so that while listening I totally forgot that it was done by only one person.

Zena, Audiobook Reviewer

Winter's Revenge (book 2) by author, James Philip "Enjoyable and atmospheric"

I enjoyed this second book in the Guy Winters series.  I would recommend you read the first book in the series first. Melanie Fraser's narration is once again like a Rolls Royce purring effortlessly conveying you along the paths of the story.  Bring on book three please.

Bill Scott, Audiobook Reviewer

Winter's War, The Guy Winter Mystery Series (Book 1), author James Philip - "Enjoyable and atmospheric!"

 narrated by Melanie Fraser and I LOVED her narration. Her voice really adds to the atmosphere of the book, she does a great job of      giving each character a unique voice, and she does both female and male voices well. I've listened to three books she has narrated and will definitely check out more that she's done. Overall, if you like highly atmospheric, WWII mystery/spy/espionage books, this is one to

check out.

Leslie F, Audiobook Reviewer

Winter’s Pearl by author, James Philip "An intro Novella to a promising series"
An entertaining listen that piqued my interest in the story I was hooked by Melanie Fraser's narration. Her sense of timing and characterizations were what made this even more interesting to me. Makes me want to read and listen to the rest of the series

John Row, Audiobook Reviewer

Crossing the Vaal by author,  Archie Vincent "Wonderful short Historical"

Melanie Fraser gives us an amazing performance. She is able to distinguish between country dialects, accents and  characters so that even this short, with so many characters, you are able to keep track of who is speaking. She never lets me down when I have  a book by her.

Patricia, Audiobook Reviewer


The Final Dawn by author, Alice Catherine Carter  "Thrilling Tale"

This story grabbed me from the start. Set in Russia during World War II, this story is as cold as the landscape and just as harsh.

As always, Melanie Fraser gives a stellar vocal performance that will have you drawn in from the start.

I think this style of story is made for her voice.

TW Brown,  Author, Editor and Reviewer

Dirty Business, author Julie Elizabeth Powell - "A fantastic suspense filled mystery!"

Melanie Fraser's performance slows down the reading pace which emphasises the suspense. Through her performance, the nail biting episodes involving Lily's kidnapping was made more intense.  It wasn't clear at all, even towards  the  end, whether or not Lily would survive her kidnapping ordeal and so I listened to these episodes with a little bit  of dread and my fingers crossed!

Inishowen Cailín, Audiobook Reviewer





















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