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A Few Corporate Testimonials



"You're a rock! Thank you for your patience. I’m really impressed . You have a

really good sound quality from your studio. Thank you for doing a great job! 

Today was a pleasure!" (DORO Liberto 820 Smartphone)

Josefine Johansson , Project Manager, Widevox Sound Productions &


'Thank you for your excellent work!’

Kirsty Stark, Casting Director (Abbott Freestyle Libre System reader, web video)



"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Melanie many times ..... and shares her own ideas with passion and commitment.

Add to that her professional attitude and good nature in the booth, I would have no hesitation in recommending

her creative talent to others.I always look forward to working with Melanie, it lifts my day "

Jean-Paul Orr  Head of Voice Production, The Showreel


"I have known Melanie for a few years and have found her to always deliver her voice overs to

an extremely high standard and on time. A consummate professional who is highly recommended".

Gary Terzza (Course Director)










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