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A Gentleman's Daughter: Her Love - written and published by Reina M Williams.

Lady Concealed - written by Jane Charles

My Lord The Spy &  My Earl The Spy -  written by Audrey Harrison

Return to the Regency, A Time Travel Romance,  written by Audrey Harrison

The Foundling Duke & The Foundling Lady - written by Audrey Harrison

Masked Love  - written by Nicole Zoltack

A Scandalous Request - written by Micki Miller

 The Promise,  written by Elizabeth Chappelle. 

Historical Fiction

The Final Dawn  (Russian) - written by Alice Catherine Carter. 

Crossing the Vaal, (South African), Desiree 1519 (Mexican) - written by Archie Vincent

(WWII Espionage) Winter's Pearl, Winter's War, Winter's Revenge, Winter's Exile, Winter's Return &  Winter's Spy - written by  James Philip


( Romance) Princess in Peril  - written by Janet Whitehead.

(Crime) A Murderer's Heart & Dirty Business - written by Julie Elizabeth Powell.


Misadventures of Fatwoman - written by Julie Elizabeth Powell. 

Steam Punk & Science Fiction/Fantasy

The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker Book 1 Le Tour de Paris & Book 2 The Sounds of Time & Book 3 The New World

written by Sharon Skinner & Bob Nelson

Outside the Walls - written by Alexandra L Butcher & Diana L Wicker

The Pebble Dropper written by Jonathan David


(History) Secrets of the Manor House - written by Hilary Brown & Go Entertain

Israel: Kid Kongo Travel the World Series  - written by Kid Kongo

Florence,  Italy Travel Guide Book & Vienna & Austria Travel Guide - written by Passport to European Travel

Learn Italian for Beginners: Learn Italian Effortlessly Through Proven Methods - written by Accelerated Language Learning Audio books

Life in the UK 2019 Test & Life in the UK 2020 Test: written by Hugh Lewis

Memoirs of  My Little Girl (Parts One and Two) - written by Meera Abdullah

Not on Audible

Other Fiction (not on Audible) - Excerpt from Under the Tricolor, written by Mary Medawar, published by Harper Collins

Tibetan Tales from the Top of the World, Tashi's Gold, written by Naomi C Rose, published by Dancing Dakini Press

Non-Fiction - Excerpt from Ovenstones, A Story of the Sea, written and published by Fraser Gill

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